The Bonnington Distillery

Multi million pound distillery in heart of Edinburgh and the first single malt distillery in Leith for nearly 100 years.

The Bonnington Distillery was commissioned December 2019 and began production in March 2020 – with an estimated 2200 casks per year.

Distillery has a unique twin linked receivers which allows the distillers the ability to create two spirits types from the same distillation.

Distillery Facts:

  • Water source – ancient aquifer 147m under the distillery.
  • 2x 30 tonne grain silos
  • Two tonnes of malted barely used per mash.
  • Mash Tun – 2.5 tonne
  • Fermentation vessels – 6 x 10,000 litres
  • Our wort ferments for at least 48 hours.
  • Bespoke squat neck stills stills from Speyside Copper in Keith.
  • 10,000 litre wash still
  • 8,000 litre spirit still

Bonnington Distillery before construction began in 2017


Bonnington Distillery nearing completion in 2019


Distiller manager Marc Watson has created an innovative spirit & wood policy from research and development undertaken at The Chain Pier Distillery, Edinburgh.

Traditional Bonnington Spirit
This is the mainstay of our distilling program and is an unpeated spirit reminiscent of the highlands. The Bonnington stills produce a fruit filled, gingery, and oily spirit that marries well with bourbon casks, the core wood type used in our maturation.

Peated Bonnington Spirit
After conducting extensive trialling, Marc selected a new make spirit that is peated to 40ppm – resulting in a sweet smoky nose with underlying fruit and spices. This is reminiscent of older styles of whisky which John Crabbie produced.

Distillery Team

Our young and innovative team of distillers are led by distillery manager Marc Watson.

A graduate of the prestigious Heriot Watt Brewing and Distilling course and former Head of Product at Eden Mill, he led our team of distillers in producing the first single malt whisky in Edinburgh for nearly 100 years.

Our distillers are a young and gender balanced team with a passion for producing the highest quality single malt whisky.

Each bring their own unique skill set to the production floor and played a key part during the research and development of our spirit and wood policy at The Chain Pier Distillery.

Senior distillers Jamie Lockhart and Kirsten Ainslie lead the daily production at The Bonnington distillery working with their team of distillers.

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